It is my great good fortune to work with wonderful clients. They bless me each day. In return, a number of them wanted to share their experience. Here they are.

“This lady has been a tremendous help to me personally. She is very transformative and it doesn’t take very long in a conversation with her for you to feel you are in the presence of someone with the goal of uplifting you. The goal of making you better than you are (were) just 5 minutes before meeting her. I’ve been in groups and there’s always a comment about what she has to say, how she gives feedback or how she responds. She is truly, truly transformational.”

~ Kimberly Bass, Founder, HerSelf Conference

“Nancy presented a Vision Workshop Lunch n’ Learn to our Women’s Employee Resource Group. The workshop provided a framework to think about life vision and get out of a self-limiting mindset. I highly recommend Nancy to provide creative vision and strategic thinking in your life, especially when you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed. Her presentation style is genuine, warm, and inviting – she engages her audience and shows them they have the power to determine solutions and move forward.”

~ Ashley Johnson, L3 Harris

“I wanted to say thank you for the session! Several things “clicked “ for me that night and I feel like I’m moving forward for the first time in months! I am looking at what I can do with what I have now, and realizing my time line for change was unrealistic and instead of giving up, I needed to adjust my timeline. It was wonderful of you to share these gifts.”

~ C. J. Johnson

“Nancy is one of the most caring and encouraging people I’ve known in my life. She helped me to realize the power of vision and determination. As long as we get to know what we truly want for life, then how to there are just technical problems. The class is engineered for achieving your dreams through strategic and power-mindset ways. Nancy made sure I’m on the right path with her empathy and passion. I came out with greater confidence to work toward my goals.”

~ Lydia Li

“I was privileged to participate in Nancy Hart’s DreamBuilder class. To say it was life changing would be an understatement. With her guidance and support, she helped me to see that anything was possible. I took part in this course when it was not particularly convenient for me. I was traveling, getting ready to move for a new job, and getting my daughter ready to move across the country to start graduate school. It was crazy, but I looked forward to my classes with Nancy. I was making some very big decisions and she helped me keep focus on what I wanted and how to attain it. I learned to notice the little things and to listen to the still, small voice inside of me. My gratitude to Nancy cannot be measured. “

~ Michelle Harvey

“I have had the pleasure to take several seminars with Nancy over the years, all of which I found beneficial. When she announced that she was offering a new course at the beginning of the pandemic, I was intrigued. The timing for “Standing Firm When Your World Is Shaking” could not have been more perfect. Like many people who live alone, I was terrified and truly faced my mortality for the first time in my life. The course challenged us to look deep into our dark sides, face what scares us and find the gifts that one can receive from such an experience. By the end of the second class – when everything was closed down and we were all quarantined at home, I had a much better perspective and felt more accepting than I had previously. As a result, I have a greater comfort level being alone, am better about accepting situations as they come and taking them in stride, all the while being grateful for all of the gifts that come as a result. Regardless of whether you are going through Covid, a health or relationship scare, or need a new perspective on life, Nancy can help.”

~ Jody Clarke, Jodell Clarke Designs

“Nancy inspires you to get back in touch with that spark that ignites your fearless drive — both personal and professional. I’m grateful for her passion and guidance as I explore my own re-boot.”

~ Janet Taylor