Meet Nancy

Ask Nancy Hart to share what makes her heart sing, she’ll tell you “it’s the light that goes on in a person’s eyes, that “ah ha” moment, when they touch a part of themselves and see a new opportunity they didn’t think possible. It is a humbling and gratifying moment that never gets old”

Her passion is to help smart, capable women, those who move heaven and earth daily, yet feel stuck, discouraged or scared because they can’t see the next step. Nancy helps them uncover what they really want, regain their confidence, get unstuck, and move forward. This passion has given her the opportunity to teach and speak internationally. As a featured author in the Amazon best seller Short, Sweet and Sacred – Volume 2, she shares her signature “stuck” story of moving from adversity to inspiration and action.

Nancy has also enjoyed a 35+ year career as a successful event producer and project manager. It’s been her privilege to be on the leadership teams for a wide variety of projects in the theater, theme park, corporate business meeting and special event industries.  

If you ask Nancy to describe herself, she’ll say: dog lover, cancer survivor/thriver, enjoy-er of a good cup of strong coffee with a hint of cream, geography-hopper (lived in five different states, spent six months working in China), lover of reading, all things Mr. Rogers (he’s her superhero), a good listener, big fan of brunch with friends and family, and a person who treasures a good practical tool (whether in her kitchen, her garage, or inside herself).

Grab a cup of coffee and connect with Nancy.