Bringing in a Speaker – Your Power Move

  • Do you want to uplift and inspire your group in a time of change or challenge?
  • Are you looking to help your team engage their creative powers in a new way to bring improved results and outcomes?
  • Would you love to help your group gain greater personal and professional satisfaction?
  • Are your members experiencing a gap between where they are and where they’d love to be?
Would YOU love help supporting them? Let’s chat!
I’m blessed to be brought in to speak for a lot of organizations and my main focus is to help you achieve your main goals. Whether you wish to inspire, motivate, reconnect to passion and purpose, or learn new practical tools to bring greater clarity to a team vision or goal, I can help.

I’d like to share a response I received after presenting one of my most popular talks for an employee resource group.

Nancy presented a Vision Workshop Lunch n’ Learn to our Women’s Employee Resource Group. The workshop provided a framework to think about life vision and get out of a self-limiting mindset. I highly recommend Nancy to provide creative vision and strategic thinking in your life, especially when you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed. Her presentation style is genuine, warm, and inviting – she engages her audience and shows them they have the power to determine solutions and move forward.

Most Requested Presentations

These talks are available as a masterclass, keynote or lunch and learn.

We can also discuss customizing these talks or creating something new for your group.

Ready to explore the possibilities for your group?

“The Vision Workshop – 3 Keys to Creating Momentum and Accelerating Your Results”

Have you found yourself looking in the mirror lately and asking “what’s next?” “What’s my next move?” “How do I make choices to move forward in what looks like uncertainty?”

If these questions resonate with you, you’re going to love this workshop!

You’ll experience:

    • Proven, reliable, repeatable tools for gaining greater clarity on your goals and dreams
    • How to stay motivated when most people lose steam
    • Learn simple thinking strategies to guard you from fear, doubt and worry

This interactive, impactful workshop is available in half-day, single-day or multi-day formats.

“Feel Like Your Hair’s On Fire? Discover 3 Simple Tools to Put Out the Flames & Get Back on Track”

Get in touch with and bring order to the most valuable real estate you’ll ever own with three simple tools you carry with you 24/7.

“5 Ways to Boost Your Daily Mojo”

Learn 5 easy ways to energize your day, boost your energy, creativity, engagement and create more satisfaction in your day.

“Memory – Yours Is Perfect and Works in More Than One Direction”

Inspired by the work of Learning Specialist, Jim Kwik and the Red Queen of “Through the Looking Glass” and “Alice in Wonderland” fame, we explore how to use our memory to serve us in even greater capacities through:

I look forward to connecting with you!