Meet Nancy

One of my favorite places to sit, have a tasty beverage and get to know someone is at the coffee shop. I’m imagining right now that we’ve just placed our orders, have chosen our seats and are settling in to have a nice “getting to know you” chat.

As our drinks are delivered, I see you’re ready to ask some questions. Fire away!

You: Nancy, would you tell me a little a bit about you – maybe some of the high points to start?

Two cups of coffee on a table.

Me: Happy to… dog lover, cancer survivor/thriver, enjoy-er of a good cup of strong coffee with a hint of cream, late blooming football fan (Go Packers & Cowboys – yes, I DO cheer for both teams), occasional basketball watcher (Go Bucks), geography-hopper (lived in 5 different states, spent 6 months working in China), lover of reading, all things Mr. Rogers (he’s my superhero), a good listener, big fan of brunch with friends & family, fan-girl of Daniel Craig as 007, lover of a good practical tool (in my kitchen, garage or on board me). I would not turn down a date with Hugh Jackman, Tom Hanks, or Tom Hiddleston (provided their significant others approved)

You: What started you down the personal development path and led you to being a coach?

Me: Let me answer that this way – by venturing a guess why you’ve joined me today. You want new results and outcomes in your life. You’ve tried it on your own, ventured out with the best of intentions, maybe experienced some things opening up then quickly found yourself sabotaging your own progress.

I feel ya. I’ve been on that roller coaster so many times myself. I was looking for change that sustained yet I kept repeating the same patterns. It began to change when I stepped into a system of support that helped me navigate my blind spots, kept me accountable and got me in touch with what I truly wanted to create. In that process, I discovered I not only wanted to study and practice, I wanted to help empower others to do the same. I stay in support to this day. Yes, the coach has a coach! That’s how much I believe in support as a key tool for transformation.

You: Why would I want to coach with you? What makes you special?

Me: So glad you asked! My secret sauce has two key components. Number 1 (as described by author, Gay Hendricks, in The Big Leap): “It’s translating big, important, life-changing concepts into simple, practical things people can use. It’s also dreaming up, or downloading directly from source, those same kinds of useful, life-changing tools.” This is what I most love to do, as well.

Second: I work with systems of transformation that have been road-tested over decades, are reliable, repeatable and empower YOU with tools and strategies to create outcomes and results that you love.

You: What did you do before this?

Me:  I have 35+ years as a successful entertainment producer and project manager. It’s been my privilege to be on the leadership teams on a wide variety of projects in the theater, theme park, corporate business meeting, agency, higher ed and special event spaces. Locations have been as diverse as a football field supporting a Half Time Show for The Game of the Year, on a jumbo jet, 35,000 feet in the air, keeping the press entertained while flying cross country, and ballrooms across America supporting wonderful corporate clients. All of these events engaged my heart and skills as a speaker, teacher and coach. Those qualities were always there. It just showed up differently than it does now.

You: What are you working on that excites you right now?

Me: Meeting you! Empowering as many individuals as I can so they can create lives they love. I believe this is how we help not only ourselves but our planet as well. The people I support through coaching. The keynote presentations I’m delivering. The monthly master class I teach and the outreach presentations I’m delivering. I’m also working on the first addition of my newsletter “Hart Strings” and exploring all things podcast. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for asking!

Me: Hey, I’d really like to get to know YOU better. Let’s get you on the calendar for a 1:1 with me (known as a Strategy Session) where we look learn what’s on your mind and heart and get you moving into a life you love. Click below to schedule your time.  I look forward to hearing from you!